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The Big Braless Issue

not wearing a bra

Hi lovely lot!! In today’s post I want to talk about going braless. Have you ever done it? How do you feel about it?


going braless

not bra

going braless is the best

It’s an issue I’ve covered on my Instagram but I haven’t talked about it here yet. I had some photos Javi took of me at home last November which I hadn’t uploaded so I thought it was the perfect time to share my opinion about going braless and how I’ve managed to be confident without wearing one.

When I was 12 I started kayaking at a local team in Zaragoza which was part of a social club. At the beginning we were only 3 girls and we got changed and showered in a dressing room shared with the rest of the women in the club. I remember I was shy to get naked in front of so many women at first, I was only 12 back then. But I soon felt totally confident to do it. There were no weird looks, no criticising…it was a completely normal atmosphere. I used to wear a sport bra under a thermal t-shirt, and you know, a thermal t-shirt is not see through but it’s really tight. When kayaking you obviously get wet and when it was cold, our nipples were clearly seen. However, as it happened to all of us boys and girls, it wasn’t such a big matter. So I grow up seeing naked bodies and nipples as natural as it is. I did kayaking until I got injured at the age of 17.

I also did topless every time I went to the beach and still do. I don’t know why but my bikini bras always get sand inside the lining and I hate the feeling of it on my boobs. Side note: if you do topless remember to put 50spf sunscreen on your boobs, the skin in your breast is really sensitive and you can easily get sunburnt!!

At the age of 23 I worked at the lingerie department of El Corte Inglés for 6 months. I discovered all types of bra, knickers, thongs and corsets. Believe me when I say that 90% of the women that came to the store whether wore the wrong bra size or had no idea how the sizes worked. I remember that this frustrated me, how could we wear a bra everyday without knowing what was the best size or style for us? So I tried to learn as much as I could about bras and help every woman find their perfect fit. And I don’t mean beautiful by “perfect fit” but a bra that is comfortable to wear on an everyday basis.

I’ve worn all types of bra but as I grow older I decided to switch to bralettes and end up going braless almost everyday. I haven’t looked back to those underwire bra I owned. I feel that instead of making me feel insecure, it makes me feel much more confident and I love the whole braless aesthetic.

If going braless is something that appeals to you but haven’t found the confidence to do it yet or you’re just unsure if you’ll feel comfortable doing, I have some tips for you.

  • Start wearing bralettes, it’s the closest to not wearing a bra and there are many gorgeous designs. 
  • If you’re worried about your nipples sticking out, there are silicone nipple covers which will make it work for you. They’re quite cheap, can be reusable and you can even find them at your local supermarket!
  • Go braless when wearing a thick knit, it’s a good way to start getting comfortable with the feeling.
Boobs and nipples are natural and it’s just up to you to wear a bra or not. We shouldn’t judge someone for not wearing a bra or for wearing a push up bra instead. It’s your boobs and no one’s opinion or glances should prevent you from wearing what you want.


without a bra braless braless aesthetic why I dont wear a bra

As an iconic aesthetic inspiration, I always look up to Kendall Jenner. I would love to know your thoughts about going braless, thank you so much for reading!

kendal jenner braless kendall jenner aesthetic

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