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How to Find the Perfect White Shirt

basic white shirt

Do you feel like your white shirt is too simple? A white shirt is something we all have in our wardrobe. It’s the perfect item to wear all year round and looks amazing with practically everything. As it can be such an easy piece, in this post I wanted to give you some ideas to find the perfect white shirt. Without it feeling too basic.

There is a huge variety of white shirts, but we sometimes fail to buy the same shirt over and over again. So if you want to find the perfect one and turn it into a more interesting piece, this are some of the details you have to pay attention to when shopping:

Silhouette: forget about the “office” shirt. Look for an oversized shirt or an asymmetrical one, for example. In addition, you can look for a classic shirt with a twist. Like the one I’m wearing which has this beautiful embroidery on the body, neck and sleeves. You can find it on H&M.

Sleeves: try to find a shirt with 3/4th sleeve length which runs down until your elbow or look for short sleeves. In this case, I would personally go for a sleeve that stops a few inches above your elbow. There are also a lot of interesting types of sleeve designs, for example: bishop sleeves to add some drama, batwing sleeves or puffed sleeves to add some volume on your shoulder.

Neckline: no more classic collars in your wardrobe. Boat necks, inspired by Audrey Hepburn, are perfect to draw attention to your shoulders. Or a turtle neck, like the one I’m wearing in the photos below, looks really polished and it’s one of my favourite necks. You can also look for a sweet heart neck, which adds a little bit of sexiness to the look (I absolutely love this neck with a bold red lip).

Buttons: there’s no need to wear buttons on your shirt. However, if you want them, you can search for some colourful ones or with patterns to make your look less formal.

I’m in love with white shirts, there are so many different styles that you never have enough of them.  You can pair them with anything, and whatever you style with a white shirt looks 100% more polished. For example, as I did with this burgundy red corduroy trousers which add that autumnal feel to the look.

So…this are the details you have to bear in mind if you want to find the perfect white shirt for a less basic look. Hope you find this helpful!

how to find the perfect white shirt embroidery white shirt basic white shirt how to style a white shirt turtle neck white shirt



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