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Feeling confident in what you wear


Today I wanted to talk about something that is really important for me, to feel confident in an outfit. By this I don’t mean to only wear clothes that suit you, but to feel represented by these clothes.


Trends are really cool, I love most of them and I take the ones that I think represent me and adapt them to me. However, I’ve seen many people throwing themselves from trend to trend, without thinking about what they really like. Fashion is fun, it allows you to dive into your own self or to be a completely different person. But to me, fashion should sometimes be taken a little bit more seriously, to think about what we buy, do we really need it? How many times are we going to wear it? Do I feel comfortable wearing it?  Buying for the sake of it can be pleasing sometimes, but I think that the more we buy thinking about us, the happier and the longer the life of the item will be.


For me, there’s no particular style I feel more attracted to but what I know is that even only with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt I feel confident, I feel myself.





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