Hi everyone!!As Black Friday has already kicked in in some stores, I feel totally unprepared. I’ve decided to write down some tips on how to buy responsibly so that we don’t waste all our money on sales but don’t miss our favourites either.


I know many other bloggers are writing about this topic at the moment, but I promise I won’t be bombarding you with offers and deals increasing consumerism. This is just how I approach the sale and how I try to make it to my advantage in the most positive and responsible way I can.

So if you want to make the most of Black Friday and you don’t want to end up with things that don’t fit your wardrobe and a red flag in your bank account, keep reading!

Sign up for company newsletters

Yes, having your inbox full of company emails is hideous. However, signing up for newsletters of your favourite brands during Black Friday is one of the most useful things you can do to get noticed when their sales start. Remember you can unsubscribe later!

Set a budget

This is the key tip for me. Please, set a budget before shopping anything. I get really excited when I see a sale alert and many times I end up buying it just because it was % off. And then I realise that I’ve spent way too much money shopping things here and there. So it’s much better if you set a budget beforehand. This leads me to the next tip.

Make a list of categories/items & stick to it

As I said earlier, I tend to fall for sale alerts and scarcity tactics so this year I’ll be making a list of categories and stick to it (I promise myself). I think it’s way easier if we write down the things that we need or want, separate them into categories and then start browsing for that perfect sale. This way we won’t waste so much time and hopefully we can prevent ourselves from falling into heavy consumerism.

Add your favourites to the Wish List

This is also a great tip. I find that for example if you’re browsing the Mango online shop (which I will 100% do) , adding your favourite items of each category to the wish list is key to check if you’re over your budget. By categories I mean: shoes, coats, trousers, bags…etc. Also, it’s very useful for checking if you have actually picked two similar items. This is a good moment to set your budget if you haven’t done it before.

Prioritize items

The last tip and last step is to prioritize your items. After adding a bunch of things to your wishlist now it’s the time to pick your desired items that stick to your budget. Obviously, your list is way over your budget so this is a tricky step. How to get rid of those amazing shoes that are 50% off? Yes…it’s hard (speaking from experience), however it’s worth it!! Think of the items that you’re 100% sure you will be wearing, try to choose items you can already style with what you have in your wardrobe. Pay attention to the fabrics so that you make sure they’ll last at least the whole season.  

What to Buy Black Friday

I hope this is helpful for those of you who want to shop a little bit more responsibly but still make the most of Black Friday.

I’ll soon be sharing the things I’ll buy by category and that I find worth waiting to shop during Black Friday and Ciber Monday. Thank you so much for reading!