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Women leading the way on Social Media


Hi there!! So after the loss of my last post yesterday, I’m back with regenerated energies and much more positive vibes. Powerful women

Today I thought I would talk about something that interests me a lot, and it’s the huge amount of great women leading the way on social media. I think we don’t actually realise (as we are all day scrolling through curated Instagrams, most of the time withouth even paying attention to what we see) but most of the leading people in social media are women. And to me, this is a huge step forward in society and we are taking it for granted or underrating it.

Social media and internet are key for the future of communication, marketing and advertising. I don’t thin TV will die, or at least not soon, but it’s a fact that nowadays it’s much more effective to invest on social media. And it’s on this point where women are playing a huge rol.

Communication is really important, to be able to tell a story and to make the reader feel identified with it. And women do this greatly (I’m not saying that men don’t do it great), but the point is that women are capable of sharing their thoughts and feelings in a much more natural and free way. Believe me when I say that I hope men did this too, but for some stupid «society role» which tells men they have to be strong and brave meaning that they can’t feel down or cry, turns out in less men sharing this kind of content. Which finally means that readers engage more with the content created by women and many times they engage sensitively.

So yes, just wanted to make this point. Women in social media are powerful and leading the way creating beautifully curated content with which we engage and connecting deeply with their public. Also want to mention that for many people, like for me, social media is not only entertainment but also a source of inspiration and an open door to having a conversation with awesome people in a time when talking in person has become so rarely seen. I hope I’ve made you think about this, and let me know what you think in the comments if you want! Xx









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