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The Mango trousers you need this season


If you know me, you know one of my favorite pieces are trousers.

And to me, this is the time of the year when I probably buy more clothes, as I get really excited for cosy coffees, long walks and clothes that actually make me feel comfy and great – not sweaty all day. So trousers are a staple piece in my Autumn wardrobe.

However, I’ve recently been a little bit overwhelmed at how sometimes we just buy for the trend. Wear it once or twice and then we keep it in the wardrobe and forget it has ever existed. So for this season change, I want to buy more conciously, to think twice before buying (I know this is going to be difficult as I’ve seen so many gorgeous pieces and I just want to style them all haha).

I have already shopped this two items. One is this perfect blouse which looks amazing tucked in or out with a pair of tailored trousers or jeans. It’s lovely because it’s not too thick so I can style it already and not feel sweaty at all but also style it with a leather jacket or a trench for Autumn.
On the other hand, can we just take a moment to adore this trousers, please? When I saw them in the hanger they didn’t really catch my attention but once I tried them on…omg I can’t stop thinking about different ways to style them. They look amazing with anything, for a more relaxed outfit you can style them with a tee and Superga trainers for example or as I did here,

A lot of energy, work and natural resources are involved to make one item. So I think we should take much more care of our clothes, try as much as we can to wear it throughout the years and in case we buy something which then we don’t wear, we can still resell it so that somebody can give love to that item.








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