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Stand your ground and don’t swim away

Sharks freak the shit out of me. That’s it. I hate shark films, I don’t like surfing nor swimming in the sea. They’d very probably eat me if they had a chance to find me in the middle of the ocean. However, in that situation if I want to survive I should stand my ground, not swim away, not act afraid and punch him in the snout. So he will turn and swim away.

I’ve been recently thinking about human sharks (this sounds totally wrong but I hope you get what I mean). There are people who to me, are like sharks. Imagine you live your life, fighting for what you love and those daily struggles. And then suddenly, you encounter a “human shark” who has come from nowhere. They freak you out, make you feel weak and hopeless and basically want to hurt you. I’ve encountered some of these and I’m sure that you too. To be honest, I’ve always swim away. Trying to protect myself, not looking back but also trying to figure out why the heck they act that way. And everytime I’ve done this feels as if they had eaten me because they’re always in the back of my mind.

So one of my goals for the next years is to learn to not swim away. To stand my ground and face that people. To summon up all my strength and punch them in the snout to kick them out of my path. Because it’s MY path, it’s what I fight for and my happiness. Life is too short so as to be afraid and I’m not being naive, there will always be people like that but I honestly think that I need them more than they need me.

Just like sharks, they were here before us and they will always be. We don’t question why sharks would eat us as we should not question why people act in a harmful way. They just do, that’s it. We only need to be confident and stand our ground. So I’m glad they exist because they help us grow stronger.

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  1. Alexandra, your blog is breathtakingly beautiful by the way!

    1. Hi!! Thank you so much Mercedes, so glad you like it! 🙂